Imagine what would happen to Bombay Ad Club without the personality of Bipin Pandit! Over the last couple of years , he had been the key person of one of the busiest advertising clubs of the world, called the Advertising Club of Bombay and had passionately contributed to the growth of this institution. His biggest asset is his unalloyed love for work and the enjoyment he gets by meeting and interacting with people. Pandit’s first job was with the Baroda Rayon Corporation Limited and thereafter he joined Castrol India in the Information Technology department. When I call him a multi-faceted person, I genuinely believe so. Giving voice- overs, singing songs, playing cricket, watching films and partying with friends are part of his personality. He is a compere and mimicry artist, who has done around 1,000 shows in Mumbai, the interiors of Maharashtra and other major metros. Pandit had performed with people like Abhijeet, Mohammed Aziz, Gunjan, Zankar, Babla and the Beatles. Above all, I am told, he is a fitness freak, who loves walking and swimming. He looks much younger than his years and he even has a grown- up son who is pursuing his hotel management course. A dynamo of energy, Pandit’s administrative and organizational capabilities can be gauged by his able mobilization of Indian delegation for Pattaya in 1999 or 40- member delegations to Tapei in 2002 for Ad Asia Congress. Again, in 2003, he had been entrusted with the responsibility of secretariat for the biggest advertising event in Asia, Ad Asia 2003. I have had the privilege of meeting the highly versatile person, a legend of the Indian ad world on several occasions. I came across him at the Ad club in Mumbai. I met him again at Jeju, South Korea at the AD Asia .Past year at Bagdad, apart from great Indian food, Bipin was the Bollywood curry that saved the soul. Then, I heard Bipin at the music night and I must say that he is an accomplished stage artiste in his own right and great organiser. Indeed our company, e4m group which is a player in the advertising, media and communication had been closely associated with Bombay Ad Club for the last few years. I am sure that his sincerity coupled with pro-active attitude, will take him to greater heights. Yes, media can play a decisive role in creating social awareness. Ask Bipin what is his idea of enjoyment, I am sure he will testify the fact that one should enjoy his job with 100 % involvement. Certainly, in today’s stressful life, laughter is the best medicine and if god bestows on someone like Bipin Pandit, the skill to make others laugh, it is certainly a big asset. In my opinion, the Advertising Club of Bombay should feel privileged to have him at the helm of affairs. Through his relentless pursuit as a stage artiste Pandit is keeping alive the purpose of media and ad world to carry social messages forward. Let me say “ Haansta Rahu, Gaate Raho and Khardivate Raho” are Bipin’s credo.

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