In the fast and every changing landscape of media and advertising Bipin has been a constant in the last few years. Apart from his so many unique qualities what has always stood out for me has been his unwavering commitment and passion for the job. Ad Club of Bombay has been in the thick of things always but the last couple of years have been tumultuous. Bipin has managed to deal with and handle situations a lesser person would have been undone by. His talent w.r.t arts esp music is exemplary and I have personally been witness to his exploits on more than a few occasions. To find a man with great professional skills is easy; many people have talent for arts as do so many of us who are also committed and passionate about what we do. But to have all of these qualities in one individual is rare and Bipin is one of those ilk. Multifaceted is a term that won’t do justice to his personality. We at exchange4media and I personally have been closely associated with Bipin and the various activities over the last few years and I can say with complete conviction that apart from him being a man of his words I have always found Bipin to be true in his deeds. Whether it is about his dealings vis a vis The Ad Club or his personal life, Bipin has been a person with consistent parameters and qualities. I have always found him to be a great, dependable person who will go out of his way to deliver on his commitment. Bipin is a great combination of a person who works hard and knows how to enjoy life. God has blessed us all with a unique opportunity to enjoy life but only some of us understand the value of utilizing the opportunity fully. A discovery I made by chance one day is still so fresh in my mind. I met his son at one of our events and was startled to know he is touching 20 years. I always thought Bipin to be in his thirties and not over 40 as I found him to be that day. Fitness and good health are areas that he works hard on and I can see the result of leading a disciplined life and I genuinely feel envious of him on that count.

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