Compliance of Statutory Requirements

  1. Obtained the Statutory Certificate from the Charity Commissioner which was the pre-condition for obtaining the Income-tax exemption certificate. This certificate is essential to the existence of the Club.
  2. Obtained the Statutory Certificate from the Registrar of the society
  3. Aided in obtaining the certificate of exemption of Income-tax for the Club.
  4. Obtained the Shops & Establishment License.

bottomline of the ad club / sponsorship

  1. Have mobilized sponsorships worth Crores of Rupees for many years in succession for the Club that has resulted in the Club making a healthy surplus year after year.
  2. Have also added new sponsors to various events of the AdClub with a view to have formidable names on board.
  3. Complete online judging has resulted in cost saving and enabled revenue upsurge.


  1. Am responsible for the total computerization at the AdClub Secretariat.
  2. Today the Accounts, Membership, Cheque printing everything is computerized.
  3. As on date, every AdClub employee has the best machine with the latest configuration on his / her table.
  4. Have ensured that staff IT literacy rate has gone up.

information technology break through

  1. The judging over the years for mega shows like Abbys, Effies and EMVIES use to be a manual process. Have been instrumental in ensuring that judging for all these major awards is paperless.
  2. Got the judging software done for Abbys, EFFIEs and EMVIEs.
  3. Today at EMVIEs, Effies and Abbys we have successfully implemented loading of entries on an external server thereby agencies are saved of the effort of carrying entries manually to the AdClub Secretariat.
  4. Got Lenovo to sponsor 28 laptops free of charge for AdClub. Today it is the property of AdClub and we use it for all our judging sessions.
  5. Our judging process has come to assume Gold Standard.

judging and events outside mumbai

Have facilitated smooth conducting of EFFIE & EMVIE judging sessions at Delhi and Bangalore for the last 7 years. Needless to state that the process was fully automated. Over and above this, even events such as Ad Review and Media Review were conducted at Delhi.

number of events accomplished

Since 1998 i.e. 23 years the following number of events are accomplished by the Advertising Club for which I am the Point Person


4Mad Quiz8
5Young Achievers Award3
7Marquees 3
9Adasia / Roadshow10
10Appies Singapore 5


1Media Review8
3Ad Review 13
5Social/ kargil2
6Evening Meeting 49
7Cannes 11
9Media Planners1
1150 years1
13Support Event36
14Talent promotion5


(A) + (B) + (C) = 769

secretariat-in-charge for a landmark event, adasia 2003, jaipur

On account of consistent good work I was chosen to be the Secretariat-in-charge of a Landmark event like AdAsia 2003, Jaipur which is rated as one of the best ever in Asia.

contribution to a mega event - goafest

Introduced total automation for the:

  1. Media Abby Awards Judging
  2. Creative Abby Awards Judging

international recoginition

  1. The EFFIE authorities have issued a certificate in my favour acknowledging the superior efforts put in over the years.
  2. The Asia Pacific EFFIE Awards, Singapore send in an all expense paid special invitation to be at the Awards Ceremony held at Singapore.
  3. The AdAsia Organizers at Singapore and Korea have commended the efforts put in to mobilize a huge delegation from India to the respective countries by issuing a certificate in my favour.
  4. Have featured on the Clio REP e-newsletter.
  5. I was invited by IAS Singapore as consultant before starting APPIES all-expense paid trip.
  6. Am responsible for Tie Up with APPIES of IAS Singapore. I was on their Regional Committee.

recognition from the fraternity

  1. Have featured in Campaign India ‘A’ List for 5 years in succession. They didn’t do the show in the 6th year.
  2. Am made an honorary member by the IBG Group.
  3. I was on Advisory Board of NIEM & IIEM both Institutes of Event Management.

staff related - working at the ad club secretariat

  1. Am working at the AdClub for 23 years.
  2. Have brought about stability at the Secretariat and have given a definitive shape to the internal administration process and also to the look and feel of AdClub functions.
  3. The working of the Secretariat is computerized with special thrust on Finance and Membership.
  4. Have set process in place for several events so that things function like clockwork solitary.
  5. Since 23 years of my tenure there has been only a solitary resignation at the AdClub Secretariat and the staff has developed confidence to work independently. Thus have build up a good team.
  6. Have introduced Employee Mediclaim Scheme for Hospitalization and also towards any accident/ mishap.
  7. Am working on some other employee beneficial schemes.

contribution towards the fraternity

  1. It was my idea to issue a twin DVD set free of charge comprising award winning commercials for the past 16 years along with a DVD of Radio spots for 5 years at the ABBYs to all the Ad Club members and attendants at the EFFIEs 2006. It was very well received.
  2. It was also my idea to bring out a set of 4 DVD’s comprising 141 case study presentations at the EMVIES from 2005 to 2007 and give it to the attendants at the EMVIE awards and all the Ad Club members free of charge. It was much appreciated.
  3. Have trained more than 500 students on Events.
  4. Have lectured on events at National Institute of Event Management for two years.
  5. Have tried to hold most of the functions at different venues with a view to give the audience a new experience and also added new elements to every event.

events related contribution

  1. Suggested that the AdClub should do a Media Review. Today the Media Review is one of the better events of the AdClub.
  2. Suggested introducing the two categories EFFIEs Client of the year and EFFIEs Agency of the year. Wrote to EFFIEs New York got their permission and then proposed to the Mancom.
  3. Have brought about many value additions at various events which are well appreciated by the Managing Committee and the Advertising and Media fraternity at large.
  4. The AdClub events have been acknowledged as a superior and classy. Have played an integral part on that accomplishment.


Today Ad Club has a strong database of 10,000 plus

  1. Agency Heads
  2. Creative Database
  3. Media Professionals
  4. Clients (Mumbai & Delhi)
  5. Marketing Professionals
  6. Association Heads

adClub membership

  1. Have got more than 600 Life Members for the Ad Club.
  2. Suggested the link up of membership with the purchase of Donor passes at ABBYs, EFFIEs, EMVIEs and Continuing Education programme which continue to yield new members to the Ad Club.
  3. Have been to various colleges conducting sessions on AdClub with a view to increase Student membership.
  4. At every judging session, there is a promotion of AdClub Membership. Thus the database of AdClub has the presence of key industry professionals.
  5. Communication goes out every 15 days for people to enroll.

revenue stream

Tie up with WARC for publishing Case Studies will lead to revenue generation for AdClub.

revamp of adClub website

Have impressed upon the Mancom to revamp the website thus the work is on and a new website will be operational from 9th March 2019.

new website for effie india

A distinct website is in place for Effie India, in fact, the URL can be accessed right away.

invited to overview the judging process at other functions

Have extended help to other industry awards by overviewing their judging process. Eg. Mirchi Kaan Awards, OAA Awards.

revival of the adclub library

  1. The Library is now in possession of some good books and crucial data is archived.
  2. Have also encouraged members to donate good books to the AdClub.
  3. All award-winning EFFIEs & EMVIEs case studies are kept in the form of a bind book every year.

press tie up

  1. Brought on board good names as Media Partners for the AdClub.
  2. Opened up the entire gamut of Media at all the AdClub events so that the AdClub events get maximum mileage. Thus no exclusive Media tie-ups.

on a personal front-khumaar

  1. Have got the industry together by enthralling them through Quality Entertainment Musical Programme Khumaar every year. Khumaar is going great guns for the last 13 years.
  2. Am an author of a Coffee Table Book on Music.
  3. I have a website of my own
  4. Launched a special supplement Khumaar Express on completion of 21 years with the AdClub.
  5. Have launched talented young singers giving them the platform of Khumaar.
  6. Have used my Khumaar platform to promote social causes.
  7. Big and the Best Brands associate with my brand Khumaar today.

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