Multifaceted Personality!

What can I say about Bipin Pandit? . . . This immensely talented person who has kept the flag of Ad Club Mumbai flying high for so many years . . . Well, let me

Dr.Bhaskar Das
President, Bennett & Coleman company and past President Adclub Bombay.

Milind Joshi, USA

Going through this web site was an amazing experience – This is quite comprehensive and gives a great flavor of your multi dimensional personality. You make us proud my

Milind Joshi

Ajay Chandwani, Percept H

To say that Bipin Pandit is multi-faceted and talented is to state the obvious. If you have tasted his passion for voice modulation, cricket, advertising and singing then consider yourself blessed. After a point of

Ajay Chandwani
Cheif Executive Officer, Percept H

Nagesh G Alai Draftfcb

Sadiyon pehale ek bade lekhak aur kavi ne kaha tha, Sara duniya ek rangmanch, hum sab us mein kalakar Anek roop dharan har ek vyaqti, saat bhagon mein, Nibhaya khub Bipin ne bahut hi badiya

Nagesh G Alai
Chief Financial Officer, Draftfcb

Ambi Parameswaran, Draftfcb + Ulka

I met Bipin over ten years ago when I started getting involved with the Ad Club Bombay. From then to now, one has seen the many dimensions of the man and the way he has

Ambi Parameswaran
Draftfcb + Ulka, Nirmal, Nariman Point, Mumbai

R. C. Sheopuri, Ad Club Bombay

In its fifty four years of history, The Advertising Club of Bombay has gone a radical change. From its first President Taleyarkhan to P.L.Tandon, Leyden and Fielden, Parmeshwar, Roger Pereira, Sam Balsara till the present

R. C. Sheopuri
President (1994-96), Ad Club Bombay

Pearl Uppal, Yahoo! India

Though my association with Bipin has always been largely professional, his friendly nature makes his personal side impossible to miss. He is able to win over people not only through dedication and commitment to what

Pearl Uppal
Director – Ad Sales, Yahoo! India

Ever Smiling Face

I know Bipin well for not too long. But I know Bipin well, much more than I know many people I know for decades. That is Bipin Pandit, the ever smiling face of Bombay Ad


Shashi Sinha, Lodestar India

Bipin is one of the most multifaceted people I have met. Not only does he do a wonderful job of ensuring the Ad Club of Bombay runs very well and grows in strength year to

Shashi Sinha
Lodestar India

S V Subramaniam, R. Devarajan & Co.

I have known Bipin Pandit for the last 15 years. I met him first time in the year 1994 at the The Advertising  Club, Bombay where I have been associated as an Auditor. Bipin had

S V Subramaniam
Partner, R. Devarajan & Co.

Smita Khot, Ad Club

Bipin sir is a very dynamic and focused person and that is one of the reasons for his tremendous growth in the constantly evolving advertising industry. He has always been a torchbearer; showing the path

Smita Khot (Kavita)
Ad Club Staffer

Ramesh Iyengar

I have known Bipin Pandit since around 5 years and know him as a multi faceted personality. He runs the Ad Club Mumbai, of which he’s the General Manager, with a lot of vigour and

Ramesh Iyengar

Sharad Gupta, Xerox India

Well, people say that its very difficult to judge a person, or make any opinion for somebody, in a couple of meetings…you really need to spend some substantial time with the person… I am so

Sharad Gupta
Xerox India

Brian Tellis, Fountainhead Promotions & Events Pvt. Ltd.

What you hear and see is what you get?? The old adage rings true with Bipin. Having worked with him professionally and known him personally for many years, Bipin is the epitome of professionalism. Clarity

Brian Tellis
Chairman, Fountainhead Promotions & Events Pvt. Ltd.

Sunil D’souza, Fountainhead Promotions & Events Pvt. Ltd.

I remember the first time I met Bipin when he was Manager, Ad Club of Bombay. I was an executive at the event management firm I still work with. I took an instant liking to

Sunil D’souza
Gen. Mgr.-Operations, Fountainhead Promotions & Events Pvt. Ltd.

Apurva Purohit, CEO Radiocity

I have known Bipin Pandit for the last 8 years in both a professional and personal capacity. What can you say about him that can be adequately captured in a few words ? I think

Apurva Purohit
CEO Radiocity

Umesh Shrikhande, Contract Advertising

I have known Bipin Pandit for almost a decade now. I have seen him at work in various roles – As the Secretary and ‘Chief Doer’ of the Ad Club of Bombay. – As the

Umesh Shrikhande
Executive Vice President, Contract Advertising

Sonal Menon, Music Broadcast Pvt Ltd

To the man, I respect the most… I have known Bipin for over 8 years now. Had worked with him on couple of Ad Club projects, the most memorable being “Ad Asia ‘03” in Jaipur.

Sonal Menon
Head – Activation & Alternate Revenue, Mumbai & Gujarat, Music Broadcast Pvt Ltd


I have known Bipin for more than 8 years now, and there’s one thing that I can tell you for sure. Bipin has the ability to set new benchmarks in event management every time. He

Jignesh Maniar

L V Krishnan, TAM Media Research Pvt Ltd.

Although I have known Bipin for a long time, only the last few years did I get to see a truly multi-faceted Bipin. He is an extremely friendly person, easy to mix and ready to

L V Krishnan
TAM Media Research Pvt Ltd.


For me BIPIN is an excellent example of How on can pursue his or her on Career options going beyond the traditional jobs by showing commitment , focus & strive for perfection in what ever



Bipin Pandit we know him for the meticulous and flawless organising skills he does possess.He has proven that he can not only handle cutural programmes excellently , but also corporate meetings and conferences.The kind of


Venu Menon, Castrol India Ltd.

I have known Bipin for the last 15 years . I have found him to be very honest & fun loving person. He is person with immense talent. It is God’s gift to him which

Venu Menon
Sr. Exe. Shared Services, Castrol India Ltd.


I met Bipin about 5 years ago and since then my friendship with him has always grown.In this 5 years i have observed a few things about him which i would like to share.He is


Nandkishor Desai, Kamala Mills

I know Bipin Pandit for over two years and I am extremely impressed by his all-round persona and his zeal for life. His knowledge about hindi songs, cricket and his mastery over urdu shayari are

Nandkishor Desai
Executive Vice President, FIG, Kamala Mills

Prof Samir N Karkhanis, Welingkar Institute of Management

Is Jindagi may kitne pal hai ( that’s not imp) but har pal may kitne Jindigi hai , that’s wat describes bipin best. You are full of energy and enthusiasm,always open to my new proposals

Prof Samir N Karkhanis
Head:Alumni Network, Welingkar Institute of Management

Pravin Churi

Bipin Pandit — the name itself brings about a smile on the faces of all those who have known him for years and I am one of the lucky ones ! My association with Bipin

Pravin Churi

Anil Joshi, AMD Far East India Ltd

I know Bipin for Number of Years now. If I mistake not we met during our College days. Since then I am meeting him on & off but the best part of our friendship is

Anil Joshi
Manager-Buisness Developement, AMD Far East India Ltd


Bipin has very good sense of humor and talent to present and mimic. Its almost 30 years that we are closely associated with each other. He is a excellent person with helpful nature. Bipin has

Atul Gore

Ajay Bhatt

Whenever any friend asks about himself i tell him have you seen the movie Shakti? The famous scene where big boss looks at the emperor of acting and they just share the grief (at Rakhee’s

Ajay Bhatt

Bhushan Limaye

I am fortunate enough to know Bipin for more than 25 years , I have enjoyed a lot of joyous moments with him, I have witnessed his love affair right from the age of 15

Bhushan Limaye

Gokul Krishnamurthy

Do I know the man? That’s the first question that came to mind, when the subject of this piece called to ask for my thoughts on ‘Bipin Pandit’, in the form of a written article.

Gokul Krishnamurthy

N.Parthasarathy, The Hindu Group of Publications

I know Bipin for a his abilities in organising and lively engagement of his audience. He is a great mimicry artist by himself and a creative writer too. He combines the best of Passion ,

Regional General Manager, The Hindu Group of Publications


If my memory is correct this must be my silver jubilee year knowing Mr Bipin. It was our weekend outing to Lonavala with Bipin during monsoon which I still can’t forget. In fact I feel


Anurag Batra, exchange4media Group

Imagine what would happen to Bombay Ad Club without the personality of Bipin Pandit! Over the last couple of years , he had been the key person of one of the busiest advertising clubs of

Anurag Batra
exchange4media Group

Shekhar Karande

Being introduced to Bipin through a common friend almost five years back was one of the wonderful things to happen. A strong personality with an inborn talent of great humour he can keep you laughing

Shekhar Karande

Narayan Gad, Panacea Biotec Ltd.

One of the most difficult things to do, is describing somebody in words. Particularly a person who should rather be experienced, than be described. Bipin Pandit is an enigma beyond description. What makes him so

Narayan Gad
Chief Executive – Formulations, Panacea Biotec Ltd.

Johnny D’sousa

What can one say about Bipin my friend which others have not said or written. He is one in a million. A true friend in every sense of the word. Always there when you need

Johnny D’sousa

Farida Sabnavis

Bipin is man with many skills. An organiser par excellence, Bipin has both the soft and hard skills needed for the same. His eye for details, his ability to follow up and his drive to

Farida Sabnavis

Gerry Pereira, Jade Apple

First time I spoke to Bipin on a business matter, we had a disagreement. (My fault). So I thought…gone my chances of him helping me in India. But the measure of the man is in

Gerry Pereira
Managing Director, Jade Apple, Malaysia

Ms Rakhshin Patel

You couldn’t find a better friend than Bipin. He’ll always be there when you need him. Through good times and bad. A great sense of humour – he’ll always manage to make you laugh. A

Rakhshin Patel

Nawal Ahuja, exchange4media Group

In the fast and every changing landscape of media and advertising Bipin has been a constant in the last few years. Apart from his so many unique qualities what has always stood out for me

Nawal Ahuja
Co founder & Director, exchange4media Group

Jigar Vora, Bangalore

When efforts are inclined to get the best result, you invite Excellence at work! When excellence is the only motive for the team to perform, you form Expertise at work! When excellence and expertise are

Jigar Vora

Pravin Vichare

I have been a member of The Ad Club, Bombay (ACB) for about past 16 years plus. Though did not hold any position in any of the committees, I have been watching The Ad Club,

Pravin Vichare

Payal Shah Karwa, Out of Home Media (India) Pvt Ltd

Bipin Pandit, or Bipin Sir, as I fondly refer to him was one of the first people I worked under in my little career as an intern, for the ABBYs 2001. Never knew that Bosses

Payal Shah Karwa
Senior Manager – PR & Events, Out of Home Media (India) Pvt Ltd

Ashish Garde

It is always a pleasure to get connected with you and it is really a privilege to be associated with you. I admire your enthusiasm, efficiency and the excellence you demonstrate while you fulfill your

Ashish Garde


I first came across Bipin Pandit a couple of years ago in the Ad Club Bombay circuit. We got introduced, it was just about that and no further. I somehow got an impression that he


Viraj Deshmukh

Observing Bipin Pandit is like taking a course in social networking. He truly is the guru of forming acquaintances. Whether it be his natural charm, his years of experience in the advertisement business, his uncanny

Viraj Deshmukh

Atul Medhekar, Canada

Bipin’s banners on Sachin’s batting were heartwinning. Me and my cricket loving friends have never read so precise description underlining the great man’s batting skills. I decided to write to him and now I feel

Atul Medhekar

Santosh Divekar, USA

I have known Bipin for over 20 years now in his roles as an Information Technology, Public Relations and now a well recognized Event Media Professional. He’s a very eloquent speaker, a ‘thoroughbred perfectionist’, having

Santosh Divekar
Fremont, California, USA

Subhash Kamath

What can I say about Bipin Pandit? In my 23 years of advertising, I have met many colorful characters. Passionate, quirky, multifacted, multi-talented human beings who enrich your life with every interaction, and who can

Subhash Kamath

Nilesh & Ami

Bacon has rightly said “Friendship is the shadow of the evening – which strengthens with the setting sun of life” & we are happy to have found such a friend in BIPIN. An effortless and

Nilesh & Ami

Poonam Rakshit

Bipin Pandit is an excellent communicator, with superb interpersonal and leadership skills. A Quick learner with an ability to achieve his goals. A man thinking on-the- fly and an innovator at creativity. He is extremely

Poonam Rakshit

Balaji Ramgiri, The Times of India Group

When I close my eyes & think about Bipin sir, I get following words in mind A Multi talented person, A Perfectionist, A Person who handles the pressure situations effectively, Always available for help, A

Balaji Ramgiri
Executive – Client Servicing, The Times of India Group

Preeti Desai, India Ltd

I walked into Bipin Pandit’s office one lazy afternoon to find him multitasking along with his always smiling team as they were preparing for EFFIE awards. The brief discussion that day was an absolute gain

Preeti Desai
Vice President Strategic Alliances, India Ltd

Arati, (His Mischievous Colleague)

Having being his team mate for almost a decade I have come to know that Bipin Pandit is one tough guy. Keeping this quality of his in mind, I’ve given him the nickname of ‘Iron’

His Mischievous Colleague

Girish Thatte

I consider Bipin as my best friend, guide and guru (Sir) in certain areas. I know this great personality for more-than 20 years, he joined Castrol in 1987-88. I still remember that our Castrol induction

Girish Thatte

Sudhir & Shubha Chandran, Medmark

I have interacted with Bipin in different capacities. First as a business associate, then as a colleague and later as a friend. Having known him now for the past 9 years (almost a decade), I

Sudhir & Shubha Chandran

S N Surkund

Though I have retired in 1994 from active service, I continue to be a member of ad-club and participate in various activities. For which , I must confess, you are the reason. After your taking

S N Surkund

Jawwad Ahmed, Daily Business Recorder

I consider myself lucky to have met you at the AdAsia Convention – 2003 held in Jaipur, India. Ever since I have found you to be a source of strength to develop advertising ties between

Jawwad Ahmed
Business Executive, Daily Business Recorder

Milind Kanthak

YOU MAY LOVE HIM, YOU MAY HATE HIM, BUT YOU CANNOT IGNORE HIM… THAT’S THE WAY TO DEFINE BIPIN Very strong personality with strong cross currents sometimes Cranky like a child and sometimes comes across

Milind Kanthak

Sunil Lulla

The individual stands out. Aloud. Not for his voice. Not for his colored wardrobe. But for his passion for brands, advertising and media. Don’t bet with him on any of these subjects unless you wish

Sunil Lulla

Bharat Avalani, Unilever Asia Africa Middle East & Turkey

I first met Bipin at Ad Asia in Jaipur. This was the best congress I ever attended. I met him again at Ad Asia in Jeju, South Korea. Since the Pakistan night was cancelled ,

Bharat Avalani
Regional IBC Director, Unilever Asia Africa Middle East & Turkey

Mayukh Mukherjee, Mumbai

Hi Bipin, In the India versus Australia test series of 2008, a banner on Sachin Tendulkar caught the fancy of the world and mine as well. Only recently I came to know that the person

Mayukh Mukherjee

Dr.Bhaskar Das, Bennett & Coleman company

What can I say about Bipin Pandit? . . . This immensely talented person who has kept the flag of Ad Club Mumbai flying high for so many years . . . Well, let me

Dr.Bhaskar Das
President, Bennett & Coleman company and past President Adclub Bombay

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