I met Bipin about 5 years ago and since then my friendship with him has always grown.In this 5 years i have observed a few things about him which i would like to share.He is a person with abundance of knowledge, talent and humor.He loves his job at the AD. club and i should say he is the right man in the right job. He loves Cricket and has good knowledge of the game. He has a liking for good music and his fondness for Urdu is known to all. I have seen that he is at his very best when he is organizing events for AD. Club. He is a very good orator. He is very jovial and his one liners and jokes are awaited to be heard by one and all. Pran, Ajit, Sadashiv Amrapurkar,Nana Pathekar are a few actors whom he imitates very well.He is very particular and punctual .He is loved by all his family, friends, people at work and his friends from the advertising field. My views about Bipin might sound biased to a few but it is because my love for him overshadows his every shortcomings if any. He is very successful in his profession and i wish he achieves all that he has wished for. He is a true LEO.

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